Over the years, this technique has been proven in various food sectors, from bakery and dairy products to fruits and vegetables. The process generally consists of heating the food to a temperature of °C or higher for seconds. A study on improving the preservation of apple juice drinks by pasteurization and heat treatment of corn showed significant effects on taste, digestibility, glycemic index, aroma, color, and sensory properties.

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Review of Quantitative Knee Articular Cartilage MR Imaging

These trials are individual tests of different conditions randomly submitted, with enough time between tests to separate successive responses. Event-related designs are classified into slow and rapid designs in which the intertrial intervals range from 1 to 2 and 2 to 6 s, respectively . Event-based designs have several benefits over block designs, especially for cognitive tasks.

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Movements of the face, arms, legs, and feet have a high probability of motion artifacts, which can degrade the diagnostic value and, thus, need to be minimized . Self-triggered movements are mostly used to assess fMRI activations; however, in some cases, mechanical devices are used for the better evaluation of movements or for measurements of different physical parameters . When a lesion in the primary motor cortex results in paresis, it is reflected by reduced BOLD activation. Therefore, preprocessing steps are mandatory prior to data analysis.

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